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Phone: 310-390-2872

   AMANKEDA TRIPLEJEWEL:   An Urban Medicine Woman and an Ordained Minister.  Her practice includes hands-on healing energy work, spiritual counseling and other life-enhancing therapies and ritual.  The remarkable effect of her work has gained her international appreciation.  She is considered the Healer's Healer.
        Namaste' Beloveds,
            Call it what you want...whatever label you desire to give this intense vibrational shift the planet and all life on it is experiencing,
            we can all agree that our world is changing!
            As a Sensitive, this shift has & continues to affect me greatly.  I'm embracing evolution and in doing so I'm redefining & redesigning
            how I do what I do!
           Consequently, is being redesigned. Please check back for my website's return, but no need to delay our connecting,
           my contact info is here.
        Peace and Blessings,